Hustle & Heart TV- Elisabet Rodriguez Dennehy on Living a Zesty Life

Elisabet recently had the opportunity to sit down with PIttsburgh’s own Darieth Chisolm to discuss what keeps her motivated, what her mission is, and how to keep moving gender integration forward.

Here’s a snippet of what Darieth had to say”
“She reminds women to get loud and be assertive, that sometimes people and women in particular are too nice and too quiet. She reminds us as business owners, leaders in our community and in the office place, that you have to put yourself out there and expand. Being authentic, be fully yourself and fully present. She coaches women to enhance their skills and move closer to achieving their goals. Let’s dive in to learn more about her concepts that have brought her and several others a great deal of success.

Hustle Hacks–
-Determine your self worth
-Be a connector and expose greatness in others
-Find ways to relax and find balance”

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