Why U.S. Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind

Moving toward a family friendly workplace doesn’t require a major initiative or radical restructure.  Every company is different and should find solutions that make sense for it’s people. Read more in chapter 2 of my book.  This article demonstrates the consequences that we are already feeling in the U.S. market.  Can We Afford to Ignore this issue?

Rodriguez: Follow Your Passion and Inner Voice

A really great, in-depth interview that was done while I was in Prague with a wonderful friend and colleague Cristina Muntean, founder of Media Education CEE, a Czech company that allows her to share with others her passion for education in the field of Public Relations and Media Communication.  

“Make your time be invested in making sure that that passion is the one that drives you to work every Monday morning. If you align yourself with that inner voice – with your passion and your desire – if you allow that inner voice to take you wherever it goes, you’re going to end up in a really good place.”

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