It’s All About the Basics

This is a great article that reports progress and continues to cry for numerical improvement and hopefully a higher degree of urgency as it pertains to women on boards.

We continue to try to fix strategic problems with tactical solutions. To appoint a competent woman to a board is good thing. To develop a comprehensive plan to educate and train both men and women about readiness and the business case for gender balance is the way to go.

We need to go through the “basics”- the why, the how, the process – so that change happens organically, based on conviction and with the certainty that everyone really “knows” what is at stake when we miss getting the right “mix” and what we gain when we do.

I’m thrilled these type of articles are becoming part of our daily read, stay tuned to out LinkedIn Group launch…Can You Afford to Ignore Me?… We will be posting our first 5 topics soon!

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Gender Equality

It’s No Coincidence | People Begin to Understand Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Me!

It’s been an incredible two weeks!

Another great article in the New York Times – this one about the most influential forum in the business community, Davos – is taking on gender integration as  part of their agenda!

It is music to my ears and it should be music to yours as well, if you feel frustrated with how little traction gender balance has in your organization or enterprise.

This article restates that which we all know. The important takeaways for me and you are:

1. The topic is elevated to be front and center of a very strategic business venue.

2. The narrative is about understanding the potential and real financial impact of having homogenous teams constantly make decisions on behalf of multicultural and diverse clients and customers.

3. Share this “news” with those who are still pushing back or missing the point. Remind them that…

“You are leaving money on the table when you lack gender integration”!

Education and persistence is the best antidote for complacency and hubris!

So there you have it…

We launch the Can You Afford to Ignore Me LinkedIn Group by the end of this month! Stay tuned.

Duquesne Women’s Leadership Program

Offered the Women Executive Leadership Program hosted by UPMC. The topic covered key tools and schemas that help navigate corporate business strategies. Some of the themes covered were: managing across culture, creating environments that promote innovation, embracing change, and fostering alignment in strategies and within workforce.

Again? It feels like I’m paying for “air time”

In the last ten days I have posted three articles from either Financial Times or New York Times, related to women in the workforce. I’m so thrilled by all this free publicity for my work and book!

The Financial Times has a great editorial written by Martha Lane Fox, chair and founder of, titled “Gender Equality in the Tech Sector will Benefit the Global economy.”

She points out – as I do in my book – the inevitable truth that any business endeavor that is missing the input of half of the population, is missing its capacity to be truly competitive.

Think about it. How can you claim that your product or service is designed or manufactured to “delight” “everyone”, when the creative and developmental process was most probably lead by a homogenous group? Have you heard of group think? Anchoring?

This is why our work is so relevant and vibrant… we help EVERYONE debunk biases and stereotypes.

Stay alert to our posts coming up at the end of the month in our LinkedIn group.

For now enjoy the read and lets all get moving…Gender Integration is good for business- and yes it’s for everyone!

What Can we do to Close the Pay Gap? Easy. Get to the ROOT CAUSE!

Yesterday I read another great article that highlights a lot of what you and I have read before… So why am I posting this article that sounds like a really well written “broken record”?

Because I want to keep  your attention. Because, Gender Integration is the most important conversation that you and I will have this year and because I want you to start to develop “gender fatigue.”

Gender fatigue is that place when we get so tired of listening and reading the same thing, that we decide to do something. And, may I suggest the something is done with rigor and a clear path towards solutions..

We are starting our LinkedIn Group discussion at the end of this month- look for our group – Can You Afford to ignore Me?

Our topics will be developed following the schema we use in our work to get you to understand and implement sound solutions to the problems mentioned in this article and in my book.

Stay Tuned and Join us!

Waking up to Good News

What a way to wake up to news!

We just got back from KPMG offering a great program titled Speak Out and Shine – a testament that KPMG is starting to take the issue of gender integration as a key factor in their growth and competitive advantage!

As I read the following article I could not help but feel energized that the Financial Times continues to push forward this issue. I also felt some frustration. Our work solves this problem. We help women and men reframe behavior. We help surface gender parity, gender complementarity and ultimately have fantastic outcomes.

This year I commit to sharing the “formula” to help all of us move this issue from great editorials to implementation and results …Stay tuned!

Article: Stop Skirting Around the Lack of Senior Women in Business.