Science is Helping Decipher the Gender Integration Puzzle

When I was doing research for my book five years ago, I ran into one of the most critical factors in understanding gender communication. Research showed , that yes… men and women are wired differently; that yes, our brains do function in a “different way” and yes, we have natural propensities in the context of our gender that if understood, help explain why gender integration is good for business.

As scientists look at the way the brain works, they concluded that gender integration produces complementarity, the capacity for men and women to bring the best they have to offer, with passion and empowerment. Each can perform from their own strength and produce great results.

I just read this article that further ratifies not only the research we used in our book- Can You Afford to Ignore Me? But also our claim as it relates to our work.  There is a need to debunk old perceptions and stereotypes. Science is leading us to finally understand the how and the why gender parity is a good thing!

Enjoy the read. Let’s talk!

Millennial Burnout

It’s always gratifying to read about a situation you predicted more than 4 years ago. It is also frustrating to realize not much has changed.

When I wrote Can You Afford To Ignore Me?, one of the issues I point out is that women and millennial men and women entering the work force have always looked at work beyond compensation. And, one of the contributing factors to cause them to walk away from their job was burnout which implies a feeling of not seeing a future for themselves at their job based on the expectations and conditions associated with a 24/7 connectivity. I will keep asking you this question can YOU afford to ignore this? This article illustrates my point really well enjoy the read.