Again? It feels like I’m paying for “air time”

In the last ten days I have posted three articles from either Financial Times or New York Times, related to women in the workforce. I’m so thrilled by all this free publicity for my work and book!

The Financial Times has a great editorial written by Martha Lane Fox, chair and founder of, titled “Gender Equality in the Tech Sector will Benefit the Global economy.”

She points out – as I do in my book – the inevitable truth that any business endeavor that is missing the input of half of the population, is missing its capacity to be truly competitive.

Think about it. How can you claim that your product or service is designed or manufactured to “delight” “everyone”, when the creative and developmental process was most probably lead by a homogenous group? Have you heard of group think? Anchoring?

This is why our work is so relevant and vibrant… we help EVERYONE debunk biases and stereotypes.

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For now enjoy the read and lets all get moving…Gender Integration is good for business- and yes it’s for everyone!