Can You Afford to Ignore Me? No, They Can Not Be Ignored.

Its so fun when women and men decided to assert themselves and ask the big questions Can You afford to Ignore me? It always helps when the question is the title of your book!

I had the best time at our event hosted by FWA and Chapman and Cutler LLP. We were in the heart of New York , surrounded by 61 women and one brave man who despite the really bad weather decided to take the time to learn more about how they are will no longer be ignored. The first part of the program was to put some practical tools in their professional development kit.

The second part was a fantastic time answering questions and clarifying doubts or perceptions that keep all of us stuck and feeling ignored. It never fails when you get to witness “aha” moments that continue to confirm we are on the right path.

I’m the luckiest women in the world- having the opportunity to meet fantastic women, fully engaged in their professional career and interested in supporting others to do the same.

No, They Can Not Be Ignored!