Entry Level

Entry level programs provide a sense of self-confidence and capacity to develop a strong professional path. Participants will feel empowered and confident as they develop their career path.


Mid-Level programs are designed to resets skills to help achieve a higher degree of strategic thinking, organizational presence, and promotability

Executive Level

Our Executive level program will explore and debunk perceptions and biases that can get in the way of optimum decisions as it pertains to human capital management.


Elisabet is a very outgoing person and, at the same time, a very understanding person who manages to create a sense of ease and trust where everyone can express their opinions.

Helena Suchankova

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic

The 1:1 coaching as well as the internal ‘stretch’ assignments. The cohort experience is also very important as you get the chance to know the individuals in your group very well and share experiences and gain insight and advice.

Sharon Joseph


Elisabet's approach includes thought provoking lectures combined with open discussions and group/personal exercises that help different concepts and principles come to life.

Caitlin Murphy