We continue to read articles that discuss why women are good for business- take a look at the recent article from HBR: Study: Firm with More Women in the C-Suite are more Profitable, and then we continue to read that numbers are not improving!

I’m sure we are all feeling a little “Gender Fatigue!” All talk, no action.

So let’s start a productive discussion to get us out of this sticky floor and into action with real traction.

It’s interesting when you read the current gender discourse we can almost predict the “buzz phrases.” As if by reiterating what we know to be true things wouldchange!

The reality is that we are suffering what I call a collective Inattentional Blindness… Focusing on one “approach,” talking and writing, but missing the obvious… FIXING the problem.

That is where we come in. We have been dealing with the obvious – fixing the problem for more than 10 years and have hundreds of stories to share.

Our intention with this blog is to help you start to see the obvious and move gender integration forward.

There is a great video on YouTube by Simon and Chabris that exemplifies what we have been doing – focusing on ideas and “perceptions” that fail to address the obvious. Men and women are different and there is a lot for us to talk about how these differences do enhance business performance! Stay tuned and watch the video… I’m here to help you see the Gorilla!