From Fatigue to Traction! Let’s get real!

You and I claim that we are fair, impartial, and free from stereotypes and biases.

Science and research shows it is impossible to be free from natural propensities that make all of us fall into what is called default thinking. Default thinking is a place we go as a consequence of our upbringing, cultures, and yes the way our brain works.

So the first thing about getting real is to understand that it is of human condition to be biased! There you have it!

In order for us to function in a world that subjects us to a 11 million pieces of information at any time, we need to use filters such as: perceptions, interpretations, preference, and selective attention. These are called mental heuristics. The tricky part of this is that many times this process yields wrong or less than desirable outcomes. In my work of gender integration, this issue is pivotal. Unless we get to talk about the elephant in the room and develop some type of oversight to keep an attentive eye where “the elephant” wants to go, we will lose this battle.

My work helps both men and women understand, become aware, and develop an inner voice dialogue that tempers the natural propensity to jump into generalities and perceptions that keep everyone stuck! This is the reason I wrote my book.

The second thing we want to do is to reframe the way female attributes are described and devalued by both men and women, as desirable yet not a part from what the business world “needs”. Funny since collaboration, empathy, good listening skills, are attributes that come at the top of the list of what is described as core competencies needed to navigate and succeed in the new global economy. So let’s start to praise these characteristics and talk about them without hesitation.

The third thing we need to do to get real is to understand that professional development programs need to be adapted to the gender nuances that help everyone debunk gender biases and stereotypes.  This is what yields gender integration. The so called “universal” principles of leadership have to be experienced and articulated with a voice of authenticity and credibility. I get to witness those transformative moments, when people get real, when they become aware and experience their own AH-HA moment! Priceless!

I find it useful to end with a good read. This is a great article helps illustrate my point- Enjoy!

The Big Idea: Before You Make that Big Decision….