It’s All About the Basics

This is a great article that reports progress and continues to cry for numerical improvement and hopefully a higher degree of urgency as it pertains to women on boards.

We continue to try to fix strategic problems with tactical solutions. To appoint a competent woman to a board is good thing. To develop a comprehensive plan to educate and train both men and women about readiness and the business case for gender balance is the way to go.

We need to go through the “basics”- the why, the how, the process – so that change happens organically, based on conviction and with the certainty that everyone really “knows” what is at stake when we miss getting the right “mix” and what we gain when we do.

I’m thrilled these type of articles are becoming part of our daily read, stay tuned to out LinkedIn Group launch…Can You Afford to Ignore Me?… We will be posting our first 5 topics soon!

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Gender Equality