It’s No Coincidence | People Begin to Understand Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Me!

It’s been an incredible two weeks!

Another great article in the New York Times – this one about the most influential forum in the business community, Davos – is taking on gender integration as  part of their agenda!

It is music to my ears and it should be music to yours as well, if you feel frustrated with how little traction gender balance has in your organization or enterprise.

This article restates that which we all know. The important takeaways for me and you are:

1. The topic is elevated to be front and center of a very strategic business venue.

2. The narrative is about understanding the potential and real financial impact of having homogenous teams constantly make decisions on behalf of multicultural and diverse clients and customers.

3. Share this “news” with those who are still pushing back or missing the point. Remind them that…

“You are leaving money on the table when you lack gender integration”!

Education and persistence is the best antidote for complacency and hubris!

So there you have it…

We launch the Can You Afford to Ignore Me LinkedIn Group by the end of this month! Stay tuned.