Mid-Level programs are designed to resets skills to help achieve a higher degree of strategic thinking, organizational presence, and promotability

Professionals at the mid level tier have proven themselves to be competent and effective in their professional endeavors. This program will help reset skills and perceptions to help participants create a higher degree of influence and increase a capacity to build extraordinary teams. 

This program will last three months  with the option of on line or skype coaching in between modules. Participants will have the ability to reflect and share their experiences using virtual on line groups. This promote more engagement and the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and learning moments.

The specific topics we will cover in this program are:

  1. Managing Conflict- how to engage and maneuver through difficult conversations
  2. Strategic Networking- Defining and reassessing networking relationships
  3. Developing a Personal Board- assembling and managing your own support group
  4. Branding- developing a clear sense of your own professional “logo”
  5. Gender Communication- a deep exploration on gender differences in communication
  6. Enhancing Team Performance- how to develop high performing teams
  7. Managing 4 Generations at Work- Understanding generational differences.
  8. Developing an Authentic Leadership style- an exploration on leadership styles and how
  9. to identify the best modalities for you