What Can we do to Close the Pay Gap? Easy. Get to the ROOT CAUSE!

Yesterday I read another great article that highlights a lot of what you and I have read before… So why am I posting this article that sounds like a really well written “broken record”?

Because I want to keep  your attention. Because, Gender Integration is the most important conversation that you and I will have this year and because I want you to start to develop “gender fatigue.”

Gender fatigue is that place when we get so tired of listening and reading the same thing, that we decide to do something. And, may I suggest the something is done with rigor and a clear path towards solutions..

We are starting our LinkedIn Group discussion at the end of this month- look for our group – Can You Afford to ignore Me?

Our topics will be developed following the schema we use in our work to get you to understand and implement sound solutions to the problems mentioned in this article and in my book.


Stay Tuned and Join us!