A Day in Her Life!

It seems unconscious bias, particularly the series of behaviors associated with men and women at work continue to be covered by the press and in social media. It is everywhere!

Most of the coverage is about describing the issue and sometime showcasing the lack of fairness and poor business judgment associated with harassment, unequal pay, derailment, etc.

Not much is changing. Many feel that this is the “normal state of affairs”.

I refuse to accept this option. I have seen over and over again that as soon as people start to reach out to understand how it feels to be the nonwhite European male– “a women” “an Asian”, “a transgender”, in the workforce there is a paradigm shift that is organic and “inevitable”. As soon as people feel the “real” pain the whole process of unconscious bias starts to shift.

This article was one of the pieces that helped me start my work.  It is the story of Lewis E Platt, former HP chairman, who had to live the life of a single parent when he became a widower.


Read, and pass on to as many people as you can.

His life and his approach to gender party changed when we had to live “his wife’s” live.