Autistic employees a great business booster!

Diversity and Inclusion are coming back to the main stream of our business conversations. It has never gone away- it is just become more noticeable and perhaps “current” now with so many business stories describing the challenges that companies face due to lack or inclusive work environments. Silicone Valley, Google, Facebook, Uber, and the list goes on, companies that are struggling with creating a more balanced and inclusive work force.

As the dialogue matures, so those the ability to identify all modalities of diverse talent- one of these modalities is autism.

Autisms has been a condition that for many represents insurmountable challenges not only from the perspective of the individual but also on how to manage the overall environment needed for autistic persons to function adequately.

Harvard Business Review just published a superb article- Neurodiversity as A Competitive Advantaged. In this article the authors Austin and Pisano highlight the positive impact of autistic employees and a road map on how to create accommodation for them. So glad our discourse is expanding and reaching out to all members of society!

I’m thrilled to see this type of dialogue surfacing and making inroads in our business discourse. It makes my work easier and provides great material for positive and constructive dialogue with our clients.

Take a look and most importantly share this information. The more we talk about our differences and how to leverage them, the more we get to know our strengths and talents which always results in better corporate performance!