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Discover A Powerful Formula That Will Transform Your Career

Technology allows us to connect anywhere, any time at our own convenience. That is why we want to leverage technology to bring you our Corporate Success Formula, a pathway to move you forward in your professional development with comfort and safety.

Our package includes the 7 key competencies in a video format, that when mastered give you the capacity to navigate through your career with ease and purpose.

Each video is designed to give you a very clear and practical understanding of each competency, and a series of exercises when appropriate. You will be able to follow and pause at your own pace. To even make it easier on you, each module is 30 minutes long!

Here you have the titles, sign up and get control over your future!


  • Having Confidence in Everything You Do
  • Branding – the Art of Crafting Your Value Proposition
  • Self-Promotion – Describing Your Work with Gusto
  • Strategic Networking
  • Finding the Right Mentor and Sponsor for You
  • Presence – How You Create Your Corporate Footprint
  • Creating Your Personal Board

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R. Anne Herman- Vice President, Global Operational Excellence and Chief Customer Officer at MSA – The Safety Company

In addition you will have access to all of her publications. Her articles not only have proven to be very insightful, most importantly they offer you the opportunity to access great sources of data that will be very useful for you at work.

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