Entry level programs provide a sense of self-confidence and capacity to develop a strong professional path

The entry-level program will address highly motivated professionals who have recently entered the workforce and are seeking to create a framework for their professional growth and success.  This program will offer the opportunity to learn and put into practice tips, strategies, and competencies that will prepare them for the next big step in their career. A blended learning experience will be offered using videos, podcasts, and online coaching. 

Specific topics we will cover in this program

  1. The Art of On-boarding: How to phase into the organization
  2. How to Develop a Strong Network: Identifying and managing relationships with key stakeholders
  3. Seeking Mentors: How to develop mentoring relationships
  4. Self Awareness and Authenticity: Creating a strong internal dialogue to enhance your confidence Presence: A look at your impact on the organization
  5. Communication: Basic tactics and insight for communicating with power and impact
  6. Team Building: Developing collegiality and collaboration at work