Why work predominantly with women? 
As mentioned by Marc Benioff, CEO of in a recent interview “When you go through business school, there are no classes in women’s leadership.” This is the vacuum we fill. Our work provides a customized approach to women leadership development .Women needed to find a venue to develop a strong sense of self, congruence and empowerment not by imitating male behavior but by enhancing their own attributes and strength.

What is gender integration?
Gender Integration is the capacity for both men and women to feel free and fully empowered to drive extraordinary results by bringing their full potential with authenticity and gusto. Our work provokes change that helps women understand what is in their way to success as well as what are the contextual realties that drive male behavior. Everyone wins!

What is a women’s initiative?
A women’s initiative is defined as a comprehensive and rigorous program that includes a series of steps: leadership buy-in and sponsorship,  a needs assessment, execution of a series of sessions that offer teaching moments and a sustainability plan that support behavior change.  

How do you measure the impact of your work?
There are a series of factors that are used to measure our success. More sales, more productivity, more engagement, higher degree of collaboration and team performance.