Happiness at Work? Achievable!

Daniel Goleman’s work has been a fundamental part of mine. He opened my eyes to the impact of emotions and how they “contaminate” the people that surrounds you. You have the capacity to contaminate people with happiness. This article on Happiness- Three things I learned from teaching Happiness is a gem. https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/three_things_i_learned_from_teaching_happiness

The author describes not only the best approach to explore happiness and how it is attainable to anyone who really wants to work this emotional muscle, she also helps identify the great benefits to having a “happiness mindset”.’

In today’s works force, to ask someone if they are happy at work seems like an oxymoron. Yet we spend most of our valuable time at work! It’s time to start to develop our capacity to cultivate a positive and delightful state of mind. One that can serves our body, mind and fellow workers better.

Happiness is really about making a decision to shift ones attitude. To be more mindful of what we say and how we behave. Mindfulness is becoming an important word at work. For productivity to increase and engagement to take a hold, people need to be working from a place of awareness and feeling grounded.

You can’t afford to ignore happiness at work. A happy workforce helps create trust, higher degree of satisfaction at work and at the end of the day the desire to come back next day all fired up!