Millennials …The “I can- Why not?” Generation

It is a unique moment, it is a time in which we have four generations working together and for the longest time Boomers have been trying to hold on to what I call  “cultural” power”. The overall expectation that for success to happen there is a need to conform to “the boomers way of doing things”.

I have been reading a lot more this summer and continue to find the most fantastic stories of young, really young, entrepreneurs, who have taken on interesting and challenging situations and have come up with great solutions.

It is becoming obvious that the capacity they have to think outside the box and challenge the status quo is paying off. They are helping reshape many paradigms, the way you succeed, the way you can come up with “good answers” to a problem, the new way to go about doing it all!

 This article shows another great example of what I have been running into lately.

One thing we might want to think about. It seems that young talent are more comfortable to go at it “alone”. I wonder if corporations are missing on great moments for innovation and growth by staying anchored to old ways of management and leadership.

Food for thought…Can you Afford to Ignore this trend?