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Monday Morning Resets are short, engaging, powerful suggestions using the power of one word.  We all need to prepare ourselves for a good week, what better time than late Sunday to reflect on that possibility. Monday Morning Resets is a tool for you to apply, every week, and make sure the quality of your work experience is extraordinary.

These past few weeks….every time I open a Monday reset…it speaks to me….to what I need right now. Thank you!!!

Voni Woods

We met years ago very briefly when I was an undergraduate student in a few (well, many) of Dan’s classes at Pitt. Your story is inspirational, and I’ve enjoyed reading bits about how it has continued over the years. These Monday morning resets are a reminder to me that life is what you make it and any small, positive reframe can put a rosy glow on what used to be mundane or difficult to tackle.

Thank you for sending these words to my inbox every week!

Alexa Berink

Good morning Elisabet,

I love them, please keep going!

Would be great to have references to articles/videos/books/TED Talks on the specific topic of the email for those who want to develop deeper their knowledge.

Kind regards,

Sabrina Ihaddaden

Elisabet is a wonder. She was able to help me highlight my strengths and help me project the image I needed to secure customers in my business. She is able to provide feedback in an incredibly caring and helpful manner and a way that was easy for me to digest as a CEO.


Elisabet, these are a great way to readjust your thinking before the week starts! I love them. Simple and thoughtful!

Thank you.

Anne M. Naqi