DOW- laughing 2014

Public Speaking

“ You are very inspiring, motivational and exceptional. I’m truly grateful for that experience for it has already begun to impact my life for the better. “

We are consistently praised for our passion and a capacity to share complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand by everyone.

Some of the topics we have covered during our public speaking engagements are:


  • Can You Afford to Ignore me? How to manage gender and cultural differences at work
  • From What you Do to How you Lead– what every female high performer needs to know in times of transition
  • Four Generations at Work– Learn how to leverage your multigenerational workforce
  • Women Talk– How to debunk the woman-to- woman deadlock
  • From Equality to Complementarity– understanding why authenticity overrides equality
  • Mastering Delegation– understanding the power of letting go to accelerate your career
  • The Four Pillars of Personal Success– understanding the importance of personal branding, presence, self-promotion and asking