Saying Thank You can Enhance your Bottom Line!

One of the most pervasive issues surfacing at work today is the lack of ability to feel and show appreciation at work. People are feeling a sense of anonymity, disengagement, a loss of interest and desire to do better and give more to their companies, because many say to me, that they feel no one really cares, and everyone is too busy to stop and say I appreciate you and what you are doing.

This article – The Surprising Power of Appreciation at Work by Chris Cansialos, published Forbes Magazine, is a great piece that helps quickly identify behaviors that can TRULY enhance your capacity to show appreciation for the work done by your team or your peers.

Here you have some tips:

  • Check your emotions through the day– Remember emotions are contagious ,how you feel is captured by people around you.
  • Be careful with the way you express yourself– I always say you can say anything– its how you say it and words you use that makes a difference.
  • Shift the narrative– when people come to you with a “problem” or negative attitude, do not “join” them and give fire to more negative feelings. Shift the paradigm from “That sound challenging and how can we fix it?

We spend most of our precious hours at work, appreciation is such an elegant and human attitude which builds trust, engagement and ultimately better overall performance. Fascinating how a heartfelt Thank You can buy so much good emotional capital!