Elisabet facilitated a two-day immersion session for a group of female leaders looking to create the first employee resource group for women at Koppers. Elisabet’s sound guidance and deep experience were invaluable as we worked to establish the key foundational tenets of our ERG. Elisabet set us on a path to success for creating a sustainable platform that advances the talents and strengths of women within our organization.

-Stephanie Apostolou Assistant General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

INPO  Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

Participating in INPO’s leadership cohort lead by Elisabet Dennehy has been inspiring and played a big part in my professional development over the past several months. She covers topics that are both interesting and useful that apply to a wide range of professionals at all levels of an organization. Her approach includes thought-provoking lectures combined with open discussions and group/personal exercises that help different concepts and principles come to life. She also provides time for one-on-one sessions to discuss any specific questions or issues they may come to light. Overall the experience has been valuable both on a professional and personal level.

-Caitlyn Murphy

Through our leadership seminars with Elisabet, I’ve learned the importance of mastering my personal brand. Staying congruent with how I think, act, respond, and speak is integral in building my personal brand through my network and for my career. In my one-on-one mentoring sessions with Elisabet, she coaches me on positioning myself and seeking my passions so that I can continue to manage my brand. Elisabet’s book, “Can You Afford to Ignore Me?” helped to bring the gender and cultural differences in the workplace into the light. Our leadership group was able to discuss key takeaways from her insights on how we can influence change for the better in our work environment. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in Elisabet’s sessions!

– Kathryn Davis

Attending the WIN Leadership Program has changed me and my approach to leadership. Becoming self- aware is the absolute key to enhancing understanding of how to lead and influence others. These leadership sessions on influence, authenticity, the difference between managers and leaders, and delegation have been life changing. After attending one session, I was able to immediately take what was learned and apply it to
a project team I was leading. The results … the project was completed ahead of schedule. It is liberating
to feel comfortable and confident in my leadership ability. The accompanying reading assignments and one on one coaching sessions create the perfect environment for sustainability of knowledge. Are you aware of the currency system as it relates to people?

-Mechelle Stanton


You are very inspiring, motivational, and exceptional; I am truly grateful for that experience as it has already begun to impact my life for the better. Today, I met with the head of our department to promote myselfand share what I can do to help improve our department. He was taken aback and has now granted
me an opportunity to not only present my ideas, but to work closely with him to make some beneficial enhancements. You were right on time and served as a perfect pairing to my current read “How to Win Friends & Influence People”. I now consider you my distant mentor and cannot wait to read your book as well as the others you suggested.

– Auditor – New York Office

I told you this at the end of our workshop but felt compelled to say it again. After the workshop I went back to my desk and just sat there for a moment reflecting on the greatness that I had just experienced. I knew before going that the workshop would have a great impact on my career, my life and most importantly ME. Yet, even though I knew this I walked away having gained so much more and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Senior Tax Associate – Global Banking

Open Enrollment- Prague British Chamber of Commerce

“Wonderful  way of presenting. I enjoyed   energy, gestures she made, very strong topics!

Dynamic, clear speech, kept attention, interactive

SWIM- Microsoft-Prague Czech Republic

Energy, interaction, authenticity

Her passion and knowledge, overall great trainer!

ELP- Katz- Prague, Czech Republic

Authenticity, valuable information about trends , charisma, warmth, mostly perfect session.

Very practical and effective way of refreshing the theory and use it within the practical framing

KPMG- Millennial

I would like to thank you for a wonderful development workshop at KPMG yesterday morning/afternoon. Leaving the workshop, I really began to think about my future here at KPMG and the steps I can take in order to strive and succeed here.

I am currently an admin for the head of security here at KPMG. Being only 22, I feel extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to begin my journey with such a large and well known firm for almost six months already. I really enjoy the environment and feel like this is a company I would like to grow in. The goal I have set for myself is to obtain a position in KPMG’s marketing department within the next five years.



 “Thank you! Thank you for doing what you do” 

 I told you this at the end of our workshop but felt compelled to say it again.  After the workshop I went back to my desk and just sat there for a moment reflecting on the greatness that I had just experienced. I knew before going that the workshop would have a great impact on my career, my life and most importantly ME. Yet, even though I knew this I walked away having gained so much more and I cannot thank you enough for that. I look forward to scheduling our curiosity coaching session.   I am also excited to purchase your book and other suggested readings as I view them as the beginning of a new phase in my life.

Executive Anne Herman, BS Chemical Engineering, MBA

Project Magellan Manager-North America MSA

  • Elisabet is able to absorb details of a situation you describe to her, and accurately summarize advantages and disadvantages, and ask the right questions to get at the heart of the matter. She is able to articulate conclusions, questions, etc back to you that you haven’t articulated to yourself.  She tells it back to you in a way that makes sense where you didn’t see it before, or sees a solution that you didn’t.   She really helps you “see the forest for the trees,” and in a way that leads you to see what she’s seeing (not just telling you – guiding you there).
  • Elisabet is passionate about helping people develop to their fullest potential. She’s passionate about the unique skills and attributes of women, and how to best use yours for your own and your organization’s benefit (not mutually exclusive).
  • Elisabet truly celebrates all your accomplishments (great or small) and provides wonderful validation for what you’re doing well. She is a true advocate, who raises your spirits whenever you talk with her.
  • While she celebrates all your wins, Elisabet also pushes you to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, to set higher goals for yourself or to expand something you’re already doing to a greater degree.
  • One word to describe Elisabet: joy

Women Executive Leadership Program Duquesne University

I wish I had had this class 5 years ago! It has been the most amazing experience for me!

Elisabet was truly the start of the experience-it was clear that she was knowledgeable and brought passion to the experience.

Through the program I learned to be more assertive, I have learned to delegate to my staff and have enhanced communication upwards, downwards and across.

I feel more comfortable, confident as my role as a leader within my organization-more focused on long term and vision/strategic planning than tactics only.

Executive Leadership Program- University of Pittsburgh- Brazil 2012

“Interactions between teacher and students useful to clarify roadblocks. I’m now able to develop a mentoring and coaching program to the people I lead.


I learned new concepts that I will be able to apply in everyday work.

Caterpillar Financial SA

I liked the discussion of the case about talent development and retention. Also the importance of coaching and mentoring in the leader’s toolbox.

Dow Agrosciences

Thank you Elisabet for your help and kindness and treating us in a very nice and friendly way!


Webinars- Women In Nuclear

Thank you for an outstanding presentation and awakening my imagination to so many opportunities for improvement.

Thank you so much for the webinar today.  I found it very informative and took away many useful things.  I watched it with a few other co-workers and they were all happy they took the time to listen in as well. 

Thank you very much for your presentation today.  I feel as though some of the tips/suggestions/ideas you provided are practical and I’ll be able to apply them in my daily activities

Hello Elizabet –

I really enjoyed today’s presentation. It made me aware of how often I take on too much work for myself and how bad I am about “saying no”.

Dear Elisabet,

Thank you for your presentation today.  I have been a members of USWIN since its inception.  This was one of the more informative webinars.

Public Speaking


Thank You for helping us to deliver an excellent session on Professional Development at the 2015 WIN National Conference. I greatly appreciate all your efforts and your support!