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Can You Afford to Ignore Me? tackles one of the most critical aspects of doing business in the 21st century: managing gender and cultural differences in the workplace. Written specifically to help managers and senior executives leverage the proven benefits of a more gender-balanced, culturally diverse workforce and leadership pipeline, the book combines the real-world experiences of international business consultant Elisabet Rodriguez Dennehy with scientific research in physiology, economics, organizational behavior, business leadership and other fields.

The book provides a solid understanding of strategic issues related to female and multicultural talent at work, and includes experiential insights, tips and exercises to give managers a clear sense of direction for implementing change. Throughout, it also emphasizes the many bottom-line benefits of taking steps to more effectively develop and promote women and people from other cultures: attracting and retaining top talent, increasing the productivity of internal teams, achieving balanced strategic decision-making, and more.

Reviews of ‘Can You Afford to Ignore Me?

‘I have read a lot of business books written by women for women from Cathy Black to Caroline Kepcher. I didn’t think I could be inspired more or understand my value in a male-dominated business. I was wrong. As a professional working for a Global Corporation, Elisabet Rodriguez-Dennehy’s “Can You Afford to Ignore Me?: How to Manage Gender and Cultural Differences at Work” artfully debunked the stereotypical nuiances in the minds of senior leaders that I did not fully know existed. The book has broadened my view of my workplace encouraging me to capitalize on opportunities I may have seized in the past. It can turn a self-described introvert into a corporate extrovert for all the right reasons. It is a great tool to have as an inspiring leader or as a Senior Executive.’

‘This book was thoroughly enjoyable and right on the mark.
Elisabet’s approach is direct and cuts through the BS- an approach that I appreciated IMMENSELY!
She was not afraid to discuss what some people consider “controversial” subjects on gender and cultural differences…. that really don’t have to be controversial at all because they reflect reality.
I specifically like her references to:
* Gender Differences-the term used was “Gender Smart”…loved that!
* The Mentoring Gap….another topic close to my heart which involves professional women and their efforts at supporting (or not supporting) other professional women.’

‘This book is really well written and has an amazing amount of clarity around the gender issues. I find it refreshing to read a perspective that is honest and not about pitting men against women, but finding the balance for the best co-leading in the workplace. I have worked in the human capital industry for the past 20 years and this conversation is overdue – Elisabet has created the framework for this conversation through her research and insights. This is a must read for both men and women in the workplace. Better yet, invite her to speak — she is even more engaging in person!’

‘Great Read- I had the wonderful opportunity to attend her conference in Prague and was blown away by the amount of new information that I learned in the 2 day session. The book acts as a great go-to guide that I will definitely reference as I lead my team moving forward. I highly recommend this book to any person managing or working with others!’

‘The book was so good that I ordered several more as a tool for our diversity council members. It is a quick read and will help acknowledge differences, consequences, and help build balanced teams throughout our organization.’

‘This book is a must read!!! I felt so empowered after reading her book. The author really seems to capture the essence of women gaining track in today’s corporate environment.’

‘Elisabet has taken years of executive level consulting and condensed it into a quick 200-page read. Chapters address topics such as: Physiological Differences Between Women and Men, Nine Gender-Related Challenges No Company Can Ignore, and Diversity or Adversity? Cultural Challenges That Impact Performance. What sets this book apart from others of its subject is the mix of academia and business experience. Her sources include the top researchers on diversity and gender, C-suite students from all over the world, and top leaders from multiple industries.

Her writing style is simple, direct, and chock-full of data and personal experiences. She addresses her audience as she would address her class- personally and deeply honestly. Don’t plan on reading this on a plane and then putting it back on your bookshelf to collect dust with the rest of your leadership books. It will be a constant reference for how to improve your own practices, those of your business, and how the best managers of the future will address diversity.’