Understand Your Audience

Coaching and facilitating workshops yield a tremendous amount of rich material for reflection and defining what is trending in the workforce.

The issue behind dealing with team, managing teams, making them produce the right results continues to be in the top tier of “things that keep you awake at night”.

I always say everywhere I go that one of the most fundamental things we need to do is “read” our audience. Understanding what they need, who they are, what are their expectations is critical to success. It is a process that requires observation, desire to ask open ended questions, active listening and making sure you are “present” during the communication process.

This article gives all of us good ideas and examples. There are many other ways in which you can define learning styles. Perhaps it’s a good time for you to start getting more informed about this great tool.


It will make your work and your team’s performance easier and definitely more effective and productive!

Enjoy! Happy Monday!