Who We Are

Rodriguez and Associates LLC tackles women’s leadership from two perspectives- both the organization and the women themselves. As leadership development experts, we know that real change requires an evolution in mindset. Changing someone’s thought pattern precedes changing behaviors — because what people believe, drives what people do. By helping employees “reframe” their thinking, we help them become greater contributors to the organization. They add more value and perform better. We also know that change needs to happen “now”. Our work translates into a corporate culture that facilitates talent to grow, boosting success in retention, attraction, and promotability. 

Our work is predicated on excellence and common sense. It is grounded in a call-to-action. There is too much talk and not enough results. We know that full gender integration drives the capacity for both women and men to achieve extraordinary results that bring to work their full potential with authenticity and gusto. A gender-integrated workforce seeks to add value, perform better, become more engaged, because they contribute from a context of self-pride, self-awareness, and self-accountability.

Mission– To enhance gender integration, we offer clear pathways that elevates the role and impact of women at work

Philosophy– We Listen to Understand Context

Why Us? We understand our strengths and stay focused on that which we do really well. We developed a customized approach that provokes change and a call-to-action, always.

We Deliver on our Promise – We are accountable for our results. Women and men experience a profound shift of mindset, stereotypes, perceptions that always yield direct result to the bottom line; more sales, more engagement, higher retention, broader bench, promotability.